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funktel DSS: Practice-oriented security

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funktel DECT™ Secury System – the powerful, flexible and modular security and communication platform

With its funktel DSS system, funktel GmbH offers a platform that complies with relevant standards and is expandable for integrating in-house communication with an optimized and situation-oriented security system for

  • Industrial plants and production environments of all types
  • Works security and security of the premises
  • Prisons
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric clinics
  • Public utilities, water works and sewage works

With more than 40 years of experience in the development of systems for in-house private communication networks, the funktel solutions provide a unique background enabling optimum use of modern radio technologies.


The funktel DSS DECT™ Secury System provides you with an optimized system for the most varied practical situations, comprising an operator console and mobile units.

Whether you are a company or a service provider in any industrial sector, whether industrial or safety-relevant environments, small- or large-scale systems are involved: The funktel DSS DECT™ Secury System is a flexible and ergonomic radio communication platform that is safe to operate and adapts to its tasks, enabling growth in line with your requirements.

funktel DSS – The system for optimum security

The funktel DSS DECT™ Secury System is based on a modern, multi-cellular DECT™ radio network. The integrated multi-channel capability of the system ensures permanent availability of all security functions, even at high communication traffic.


A wide choice of situation-optimized system components enables setting up a reliable radio coverage in any real environment, considering also special factors, e.g. for

  • Explosion-hazardous areas
  • Extensive outdoor areas
  • Automatic and machinery contacts
  • Halls, tunnels, basements and machinery rooms
  • Positioning with room accuracy.

Comprehensive, central and server-based alarm management provides optimum overall view of the message sequences, the position of the persons needing help and control of rescue operations in addition to automatic and exact logging of all processes and signals.


Upon request, alarm monitoring can be shown on real building plans and can include video support.


In addition, the funktel DSS system can be smoothly integrated into the webnet-gms® building management system which covers and unites all categories of technical building management.